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Ada, OK – February 7, 2024


Oklahoma State Senator Greg McCortney has been recognized for his outstanding commitment to conservative values and principles with the prestigious Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Award for Conservative Achievement. This accolade is a testament to Senator McCortney's unwavering dedication to advancing conservative policies and his significant contributions to the state of Oklahoma.


"I am deeply honored to receive the CPAC Award for Conservative Achievement," said Senator McCortney. "This recognition is not just for me but for all Oklahomans who believe in the power of conservative principles to positively transform our state and nation."


Throughout his tenure, Senator McCortney has been a vocal advocate for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty. His legislative efforts have consistently reflected the values of his constituents and have played a crucial role in promoting economic growth and safeguarding the rights of Oklahomans.


"This award is a reflection of our shared commitment to conservative values," Senator McCortney stated. "It is these values that guide my work every day in the Senate – fighting for a smaller, more efficient government and protecting the freedoms that are so dear to us as Americans."


Senator McCortney's receipt of the CPAC Award for Conservative Achievement underscores his influential role as a leader in the conservative movement. His efforts continue to inspire and motivate others to advocate for policies that uphold the principles of conservatism.


"Receiving this award is not the end but a reminder of the ongoing journey we have in promoting and defending our conservative ideals," added Senator McCortney. "I am grateful for this honor and remain committed to serving the people of Oklahoma with integrity and dedication."


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